“Momma P.”

Writing assignments sent shivers up my spine!  In school I was a great speller and could memorize facts, but create a story? Not me!  Well, here I am decades later doing just that!

A transplanted New Yorker by way of Minnesota and California, I live in Prescott, Arizona – “everybody’s hometown” – and write about my real-life cats, Scooter and Oaks.

A career science teacher, I authored my first published book about three years after retiring early due to Lyme disease.

My “boys” think it’s great to have  “Mom” home almost 24/7!  Besides daily companionship, they give me something positive to focus on and are an ever-present source of inspiration – I promised I’d make them famous!

Healing from Lyme is an ongoing process.  I have lost some abilities but discovered new ones – writing and dreaming up rhymes.

I hope you enjoy getting acquainted with Scooter and Oaks. May their adventures bring as much joy to you and yours as they have to me!!

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