Rhyming felines…

Scooter and Oaks:
My Brother, My Mother and Me


(the first in a series of rhyming cat tales)

“Scooter and Oaks – two fine feline blokes” share rib-tickling humorous thoughts about themselves, each other and “Mom.”  Scroll and hover (over Scooter or Oaks) to sample their corner-to-corner color-packed pages and fun-to-read rhyming verses.

Argentinian artist, Nicolás Milano’s  illustrations are based on actual photographs and descriptions of Scooter and Oaks’ real-life behaviors.  Anyone who has had a cat is sure to recognize their mischievous ways! 

Like human siblings, these feline littermates don’t always agree or see life eye-to-eye. Yet each has a special place in the other one’s heart, and Mom loves them both!

Written with children in mind, Scooter and Oaks: My Brother, My Mother and Me appeals to adult cat fans, too!

This 32-pg, 11 x 8.5 inch hardcover book was made in the USA! Signed copies may be ordered directly from the author or purchased during local sales events.  It is also available in i-book form from the Apple iTunes store.



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